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Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Riesling

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A premium, alcohol-free, sparkling wine from Leitz Winery, with fragrant notes of citrus fruit and red apples - perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

Made in the south of Germany, from 100% Riesling grapes, by expert wine makers, using modern dealcoholisation techniques, designed to eliminate alcohol but to retain the flavours and aromas of the grapes.

This sparkling wine is well balanced and refreshing, with a satisfying dry finish, which is rare in non-alcoholic wines.

Ideal for making alcohol free mimosas or to mix with alcohol-free Aperitif to make a headache-proof Spritz!


Non-alcoholic wine, rectified grape juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, ascorbic acid, preservative.

Nutritional Info

Energy23.88kJ / 99.5kCal
Carbohydrates (Total)4.0g
Carbohydrates (Sugar)4.0g
Fat (Total)0.5g
Fat (Saturated)0.1g
a premium alcohol-free sparkling wine with notes of citrus fruit and apples and a crips dry finish
the alcohol-free sparkling Riesling from Leitz winery

Why we love it

It has a great, dry taste - no sparkling grape juice here
It's not sugary, being closer to a taste of a Brut Champagne than sweet Prosecco
It´s great to have on hand for parties and celebrations

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