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Eins-Zwei-Zero Rosé Wine

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A beautifully crisp, alcohol-free Rosé with typical hints of raspberries and citrus fruits and a dry finish.

This alcohol-free wine is nothing like “grape juice like” wines you may have tried before, as it expertly captures the fresh and crisp texture of Rosé wine, without the alcohol.

Other flavour notes include wild strawberries, which give it a delicious “juiciness” and it has a long dry finish that you would expect from a premium Rose wine.

Produced by one of the oldest German wineries in the beautiful Rhein, it is made using the latest wine dealcoholised technologies which allow the alcohol to slowly evaporate while keeping the rich aromas of the grapes behind.

Combine the Eins-Zwei-Zero Rosé with fresh summer salad, pasta or Asian food and enjoy the crisp and light flavour, completely alcohol free.

Non-alcoholic wine, grape juice, preservative
Nutritional Info
Energy17.52kJ / 73.0kCal
Carbohydrates (Total)3.8g
Carbohydrates (Sugar)3.8g
Fat (Total)0.5g
Fat (Saturated)0.1g
More Info
After opening a keep refrigerated and consume within 1 week.
alcohol-free Rose wine, with notes of raspberry and red apple and a dry finish
a delicious, alcohol-free Rose

Warum wir es lieben

We are impressed with it´s crisp and dry flavour - hard to find in alcohol-free wine

It has lovely, light berry notes that are perfect for the summer

It´s local and sustainable production in the Rhein.

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Gut gekühlt ein Genuss

...für alle die ihre alkoholfreie Weinvariante etwas süßer mögen. Geht auch gut als Schorle.