About Us

About Us

Hi there,

we are the taste bar, a bar that focuses on flavour and quality, not the alcohol.

though we may love celebrating with a nice drink, sipping a delicious cocktail at a bar or having a drink with our friends as much as the next person, we also seriously cannot stand the hangovers and we´re tired of the fact that alcohol has to be a part of every social interaction.

honestly, we find the idea that you need alcohol to socialise antiquated and the notion that not drinking alcohol makes you “boring”, just ridiculous. we believe that the best nights and memories come from the people you´re with, not the alcohol you're drinking.

Thankfully, we are not the only ones who think that way! There is truly remarkable work out there being done by drink lovers, herbal scientists and distilling experts who are crafting revolutionary drinks, which focus on experience and taste, without the nasty bits.

So we set ourselves a goal to try and gather the best and tastiest alcohol free drinks under one roof - the taste bar*. Drinks that not only taste good but are mindfully crafted, using the highest quality ingredients and truly recreate the special experience of having a nice drink.

Not only are we proud to offer you some of the most impressive products out there, but also to give you a look at the passionate revolutionaries behind them. Because to us it's important to know not just what we´re drinking but where it comes from.

Go on. Explore our delicious selection of alcohol-free drinks and have your drink your way.

*There are of course still many more that we need to explore so we continue our search and strive to bring you even more delicious and impressive alternatives in the future ;)

Our Values?

We know you have many choices out there, so we are grateful that you choose to support and shop with us. For our part, we can promise you the following:

A curated selection

the taste bar will always offer a smaller selection of product, chosen carefully so you don't have to scroll through hundreds of products, trying to figure out which is better. We do the legwork to source the most interesting and tastiest drinks for your home bar, so you can just sit back and enjoy.


when we select our drinks, we don't just look at what they are but also how and where they are made, what ingredients are used and who are they made by. We´re passionate about the products we stock and look out for natural & locally sourced ingredients, sustainable manufacturing practices and craftsmanship


the planet is suffering and we all must do our part but sometimes, when shopping, it can be confusing. We believe that it is our job as a business to give you clear and easy greener choices, so all our shipping in Europe is automatically DHL Green at no extra cost to you. Our packaging is completely plastic-free, made from recycled materials in the UK and is 100% recyclable.

Drive to improve

Hands up - we are not perfect! We work our hardest to give you a smooth and easy shopping experience, and to make it a real treat to shop with us. But we are always looking to improve! We actively encourage you to give us feedback and share your ideas, so we can get better.