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Wilfred's -an alcohol-free, bitter-sweet aperitif from England
Chris Wilfred inventor of the Wilfred's alcohol-free aperitif

the Wilfred's story...

all the way from the uk Wilfred´s was founded by Chris Wilfred Hughes. Disappointed by the non alcoholic alternatives out there, he set off on a quest to create a non alcoholic drink that was actually satisfying and had the complex structure of alcohol. On his journey to improve the uninspired non-alcoholic alternatives on the market, he found himself reinventing the British classic - the Spritz.

An engineer and inventor, Chris spent over 18 months experimenting with and exploring different ingredients and flavour combinations, from japanese hibiscus to english rose. His journey eventually led him back home to London and the flavours from his parents' kitchen - fresh rosemary from his mothers garden and bitter oranges in his fathers home-made marmalade.
refreshing Wilfred´s alcohol-free aperitif served best as an alcohol-free spritz
The result is the high-quality, orange and rosemary aperitif, full of flavour and character yet free of alcohol. Made with 100% natural ingredients in the UK, it is naturally low calorie and offers the perfect spritz experience without the headache.