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The Volée story...

Travel to the south of France with the Mediterranean aperitif from Volée . Made here in Germany but entirely French, the Volée alcohol-free aperitif is based on a 50 year old recipe from the mediterranean.

It´s birthplace - southern France 1972, a private garden of family friends Uncle Jean & Aunt Amandine and their peacock Gustavo. On one summer night filled with the smell of sweet elderflower the trio took a walk through their “Jardin du Paradis” and discovered a secret, new plant, the natural aphrodisiac Damiana and thus the Volée recipe was born.

Now, over 50 years later, it has been brought to life in a gorgeous, contemporary bottle by Volée ´s founders Jakob and Benjamin. Using years of experience in creating exceptional drinks from the unripened Chardonnay grapes - Verjus, they combined the Verju grape, fragrant elderflower, juicy mountain peaches and refreshing grapefruit to create this fantastic non-alcoholic aperitif.

Not only is using the Verju grapes sustainable (as they are normally discarded during wine production), the Volée aperitif is made with organic ingredients and is low in sugar. It´s secret ingredient however, is the natural aphrodisiac - Damiana, designed to arouse and relax.

Enjoy the fragrant and refreshingly bitter taste of this gorgeous alcohol-free aperitif and let yourself be transported to the mediterranean with every sip.