Collection: Three Spirit

The alcohol-free drinks from Three Spirit, the Livener, Nightcap and Social Elixir made with active botanical
The alcohol-free drinks with functions, the Livener is a party starter, the Nightcap a dream maker and Social Elixir a mood booster

the Three Spirit story...

Enter the world of alchemy and drink magic with Three Spirit. Founded by a trio of innovative botanists and plant scientists, Tatiana, Dash and Meeta, Three Spirit offer a new line of botanically enhanced drinks that pave the way for a completely new way of drinking.In a world of plant based milk, vegan meat and trips to Mars - Three Spirit are challenging our approach to drinking and the role alcohol plays in our society by crafting cutting edge drinks made from carefully selected ingredients.

Three Spirit's focus on active ingredients and botanicals that have been lauded for centuries for their effects on the mind and body. The result is three, completely unique drinks that accompany you from the start of your evening all the way to finish.
The founders of Three Spirit enjoying alcohol-free cocktails
A captivating alcohol-free cocktail made with a Three Spirit non-alcoholic drink
Three Spirit are out there to show that skipping alcohol doesn't mean you have to skip pleasure and boy, are they right.