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Nona June the elegant alcohol-free gin
Toasting with friends with alcohol-free cocktails made with the Nona June Gin alternative

the Nona story...

a botanical wonder, Nona was created and founded by charlotte, a plant scientist from belgium who has turned her passion for herbology into a delicious drink.

disappointed by the sweet non alcoholic drink, served to her on midsummer's eve, charlotte set out to create a special drink that satisfies her craving for a complex and grown up flavour, without the alcohol. her apartment quickly turned into a lab, filled with test tubes, herbs and labels, all with the goal to create the perfect, alcohol free gin.

working with top chefs and sommeliers for feedback, charlotte eventually achieved the perfect balance between fresh citrus flavours and herbal notes. this task required a labour intensive and innovative distillation process, combining no less than 9 botanicals. This is what gives origin to Nona´s name - the latin word for "nine".

Nona founder Charlotte, drinking a alcohol-free cocktail made with Nona June gin alternative

A labour of determination and love - Nona is made with only natural ingredients, is naturally low in calories and offers a truly exquisite gin flavour. invite your friends around for a drink and discover it for yourself