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Alcohol-free cocktail, Lyre´s Manhattan served beautifully with Lyre´s American Malt alcohol-free whisky and Aperitif Rosso a 0% pink vermouth alternative
The Lyre´s American Malt, alcohol-free whisky alternative is awarded the golden award

the Lyre's story...

All the way from Australia, Lyre´s are the witty connoisseurs of taste. Their company mission - to make the impossible possible by creating high quality, alcohol free spirit alternatives, that seamlessly replicate the originals. Aptly named after the Australian Lyre bird, which mimics any sound it hears, Lyre´s have created the world´s largest selection of non alcoholic spirits that replace their alcoholic counterparts.

It took years of experimenting with natural ingredients and working with top level sommeliers to deliver like-for-like (or even better) replacements to dozens of favourite bar staples, and their hard work has been rewarded with multiple awards from experts across the globe. With Lyre´s it's not just about cutting out alcohol, but about having your drink your way.

Lyre´s allows you to seamlessly choose no or low alcohol without sacrificing experience or taste.

Bartender using whisky alternative Lyre´s American Malt to make a classic alcohol-free cocktail