Collection: Leitz

Die Geschichte von Leitz...

One of the oldest wineries in Germany, Leitz winery dates back to 1744. After being completely destroyed in world war 2, the winery was rebuilt by Johannes Leitz, and Leitz wines have become popular worldwide. Despite their global success, Johannes has kept the heart of the company local, actively working to cultivate and protect the Rüdesheimer Berg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In recent years he has noticed the changing trend in society, to drink more non-alcoholic drinks. Thus they saw a need for a good alcohol-free wine to offer something of great quality and experience to those that choose to avoid alcohol, embrace a healthier lifestyle or drink less because of driving. .

The question was how do you create a decent wine that tastes like wine but isn't alcoholic? This was a huge challenge to the wine experts at Leitz but by applying their years of expertise they managed to create a range of exceptional products that stand out as some of the best non-alcoholic alternatives to wine on the market.

They use a modern, internationally recognised technique of vacuum evaporation to allow the alcohol to evaporate slowly from the wine, while retaining the aromas. This method allows for all alcohol to be removed from the aromas and flavours of the grape, leading to excellent wine flavour, 100% alcohol free.

Discover their Riesling, Rose and their sparkling version in our store and enjoy premium wine, alcohol-free.