Collection: Laori

the Laori story...

Founded and produced here in Berlin, Laori is an alcohol free distillery with a mission to offer quality and taste, without the hangover. Looking for an alternative to gin and tonic in a nightclub, the co-founder Stella was hugely disappointed that wanting a clear head in the morning meant she had to drink sugary lemonde all night.

Inspired, she set to work in her kitchen to create a satisfying alcohol free alternative. Soon after that she met the co-founder Christian, a food scientist, and they joined forces taking the creation and production to the next level. Focused on natural ingredients, exceptional taste and highest quality they brought to life Laori Juniper No 1 - a grown up, alcohol free gin without compromises.

A refreshing and satisfying gin, Laori has already won multiple awards for its authentic flavour.

Pour yourself a guilt-free G∓T with Laori