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Gnista's fine alcohol free spirits with an alcohol free cocktail
Trendy and cool,  Gnista alcohol-free drinks are suitable for those who are pregant

the Gnista story...

Edgy and trendy, Gnista spirits is a boutique distillery in Sweden, revolutionising the concept of what non-alcoholic means. A few years ago Erika Ollen, a food scientist, set out to not only create an alcohol free drink, but to challenge the traditional way that alc-free drinks are created. Wanting to provide something for those who love the challenge of a fine spirit and relaxing with a good drink, she set out to create a drink that has the complexity of a true, fine spirit.

Some people called them crazy some said it was impossible, but all this just fueled Gnista´s commitment (after all Gnista does mean “spark” in Swedish) and by combining ancient spirit making techniques, modern food science and cutting edge tech, they created the world's first non-alcoholic drink that truly resembles a fine spirit.
The alcohol free spirits from Gnista are more similar to a fine Whisky or Bourbon
The Gnista founder Erika Ollen holding one of their delicious alcohol free drinks
If drinks had a level, Gnista´s innovative spirits would be advanced, but for those who are willing to take on the challenge, the rewards are generous. Both Floral Wormwood and Barreled Oak are made with natural ingredients, in a small batch distillery and deliver new, exquisite flavour.