Collection: Dr Jaglas

The Dr. Jaglas story...

The Dr. Jaglas pharmacy has been producing renowned herbal elixirs for decades, their first and most famous drink Kloster-Elixir becoming an instant household staple. Applauded for the quality of their herbs (still cold pressed by hand today) Dr. Jaglas elixirs are the go to after drinks due to their medicinal, digestive properties.

Their secret lies in the special and long preparation of their bitter herb essences and the fact that the family Jaglas still closely follow the Pharmacopoeia Germanica - the book listing the compounds of medicinal herbs, constantly updated by the leading authorities. This ensures that Dr. Jaglas only use the highest quality herbs and ingredients to create their drinks.

Having tuned into the growing focus in the society to improve sleep, nutrition and general wellbeing, Dr. Jaglas have decided to apply their expertise in herbal bitter making and create an exceptional alcohol-free aperitif. Using the herbal bitter recipe they perfected over the years as a base, they added fragrant elderflower berries and hibiscus flower for their sweetness and aroma, and refined the flavour by adding traditional elements of an aperitif such as rosemary and bitter-orange.
The result is a refreshing non-alcoholic aperitif, full of flavour, satisfying bitterness and a long dry finish. Discover the Heber Hibiskus San Aperitivo for yours.