Collection: Alcohol-free Aperitifs

Aperitif is the classic bitter-sweet drink to enjoy before dinner, to wet the appetite and senses. Known for its gorgeous red or orange colour, a great aperitif has a dry and refreshing taste, most popular ones being Aperol or Campari.

Take a look at our premium selection of alcohol-free aperitifs, chosen for their excellent flavour, high quality ingredients and superior drinking experience. Choose from herby and dry raspberry Vincent, locally produced in the Black forest or Volee mediterranean alcohol free aperitif with juicy peaches and grapefruit. 

What is an aperitif?

Aperitif is a drink you normally serve before dinner to help increase appetite and prepare you before dinner. Alcohol-free aperitifs like usual aperitifs are normally mixed into a drink rather than drank pure. You may be familiar with drinks like Aperol or Campari, these are the aperitif spirits that are used in a Spritz or Negroni cocktail that are commonly served at restaurants before food. Each one of the Alcohol free aperitifs at the taste bar are personally tested by us to make sure they meet the flavour, structure and experience of drinking an aperitif like Aperol and Campari while being completely alcohol free. 

Characteristics of an Aperitif: 

According to experts, aperitifs normally have a lower alcohol content than after dinner drink because alcohol inhibits hunger so you actually don’t want to drink high ABV spirits before dinner. That’s why alcohol free alternatives to apertifis like Aperol or Vermouth are so great. They are refreshing and have the satisfying dry taste, but have 0,0% alcohol and are lower in calories and sugars. 

Another important feature of an aperitif is that it has a dry and bitter, normally herby base. When we choose our alcohol free aperitifs, we always look for a dry and herby taste which makes it taste authentic. Typically aperitifs are made bitter using citrus or rhubarb. When creating alcohol-free aperitifs, our manufacturers use high quality bitter herb extracts, bitter orange and even Verju grape to create this satisfying, bitter-sweet taste you know from a traditional aperitif. 

Finally, an aperitif traditionally has a beautiful orange or red colour which makes it look fun and summery. In our alcohol-free aperitifs this is achieved using natural fruits. No artificial flavours or colourings are used in drinks we offer at the taste bar, so for example the alcohol-free aperitif Vincent gorgeous ruby red colour comes from the locally grown raspberries in Schwarzwald. 

How are alcohol free aperitifs made?  

Alcohol-free aperitifs are made by gathering high quality ingredients and distilling them with premium herbs and bitter-extracts. The end combination is dry, bitter–sweet and full of flavour. All our alcohol-free aperitifs are low in sugar and calories and have a distinctive, bitter-sweet taste and are generally healthier than their alcoholic alternatives. 

How to serve alcohol-free aperitif: 

Aperitif should be served as part of a mix. It’s best to mix our alcohol-free aperitifs with alcohol-free prosecco, premium-tonic water or soda water to create a spritz. You can always add high quality syrup if you want to add some sweetness. You can also find individual cocktail suggestions for each drink on the product page.