Collection: Alcohol-free Wines

Long gone are the days of sweet children's sparkling wine or vinegar-like non-alcoholic wine. While non-alcoholic wines may not have the same taste as the original, we focus on carrying products from producers that use fermented grapes and traditional winemaking methods to capture the essence and complexity of wine. Check out our selection of high-quality wine alternatives that have a dry finish and are full of flavor.

How is alcohol-free wine made?

Alcohol-free wine can be made in a few different ways, most supermarket alcohol-free wine will be constructed from juice with added flavourings and sourness to recreate the "taste" of wine. More advanced alcohol-free wine manufacturers have started using traditional wine making methods, such as fermenting the grapes over several months and removing the alcohol afterwards. This method gives a more authentic, fermented flavour but it is a skill to dealcoholised the wine in a way to retains the fruity flavours of the fruit and a nice balance of dry and sour.

How we choose our non-alcoholic wines?

when choosing our alcohol-free wines, the most important thing to us is flavour. It cannot be too sweet or sour, and has to be dry and have great aroma. A good alcohol-free wine should offer the same complexity and range of flavour as original wine, that's why we choose manufacturers that use fermented grapes in their production to create an authentic and rich flavour.

Does alcohol-free wine taste exactly like “real” wine?

Even though non-alcoholic wine doesn't taste exactly like alcoholic wine, there are some really good alternatives. For example, non-alcoholic wines made using the same methods as regular wine often have a satisfying, refined taste and are a great low-calorie substitute for alcoholic wine during the week. We recommend mostly non-alcoholic white and rosé wines and do not carry red wine because we are not satisfied with the quality of red wine alternatives on the market.