Collection: Alcohol-free Spirits

Alcohol-free beer is not the only option anymore, you can find most of your favourite spirits, alcohol-free too! At the Taste Bar we have selected the best of alcohol-free gin, rum and even alcohol-free whisky. These first-class alcohol-free spirits are great for making long drinks such as non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic or 0% Whisky Sour.

What is an alcohol-free spirit?

It can be hard to imagine an alcohol-free spirit, but the world of alcohol free drinks has expanded a lot in recent years and new, premium alcohol-free spirits have started to appear. Using latest distillation technologies and  working together with top grade sommalies and food scientists our partner brands have been able to create truly great alternatives to alcoholic spirits such as Gin, Rum and Whisky. Our non-alcoholic alternatives capture the essence and flavour of the alcoholic spirit and allow you to mix your favourite drinks with no or low ABV. 

How are alcohol-free spirits made?

Many of the best alcohol-free spirits take a lot of time and research to perfect. While products like high-end alcohol-free wine tend to be produced in a traditional way then dealcoholised, alcohol free spirits are a mixture of distillates and plant extracts, combined together to create the authentic flavour of the intended spirit. For example our alcohol-free Gin Nona June from Belgium is made using extracts of 9 different botanicals, then distilled to create an intense and aromatic Gin taste. 

How do we choose our alcohol-free spirits? 

Making a truly authentic tasting alcohol-free spirit is tough. Not only does it have to have a great strong taste, it has to capture the characteristics of the original drink. This means that it has to have the aroma, flavour, mouthfeel and after taste of the spirit without the alcohol. When choosing alcohol-free spirits for The Taste Bar, we make sure that they are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, have a great taste that doesn’t disappear when you add a mixer and are low in sugar or sweeteners. A great alcohol-free spirit must be dry and flavoursome, to provide the authentic experience of drinking. 

How to serve alcohol-free spirits?

Most alcohol-free spirits, like their originals, are best served as part of a mixer. Though our alcohol-free Rums and Whisky are full of flavour and aroma, they lack the burning depth of a spirit so are best served as part of a long drink such as  virgin Rum and Coke, Whisky Sour or alcohol-free Pina Colada. The Gin alternatives have a great, strong Gin flavour and can be served with tonic for a classic 0% G&T or as part of a non-alc martini. Check out each product page for individual serving and cocktail suggestions!