Unsere Top 5 der alkoholfreien Tipps für den Ostertisch

Our top 5 Alcohol Free picks for the Easter Table

Easter is around the corner and we all have a schedule full of dinners and lunches with family and friends. It's the time to be together, enjoy the sun and eat great food but it can also be a lot of stress to host. What to do if someone is not eating gluten, or is vegan or in our case with drinks, not drinking? Breathe out and relax and take a look at our  So here is our selection of top alcohol-free drinks for your Easter table - from alcohol-free wine to after dinner Gin and tonic

1. Vincent Alcoholfree Aperitif - the pre-dinner go to.

The Vincent alcohol free aperitif cannot disappoint. It is bursting with berries that fill us with anticipation of the summer yet to come and herby bitters that give it a satisfying bitter-sweet flavour. Great for increasing the appetite before a big meal! Mix it with alcohol free sparkling wine as an alternative to Aperol Spritz or mix it with Tonic over ice for a great Easter drink. 

Rosé is the ultimate spring drink. It´s still cold enough that you fancy something a little more full bodied than a white wine, but you´re excited about summer enough to want to sip something lighter than a Merlot. The answer - the beautiful Eins-Zwei-Zero, alcoholfree Rosé wine from Leitz winery. With notes of raspberry, apples and citrus it is full of flavour and has a long dry finish, rare to find in non-alcoholic wines. 

3. Three Spirit Livener with mood boosting botanicals 

The Livener is juicy, fiery and energising - fantastic for making an alcohol-free Easter punch. The notes of watermelon and pomegranate give it a great refreshing flavour while the fiery ginseng and adaptogenic schisandra lift your mood. Mix it with Eins-Zwei-Zero alcohol-free sparkling wine and add fresh lemon, orange slices and mint leaves for a refreshing Easter punch that will please any guest. 

An alcohol-free gin and tonic will always find its way on our dinner table. Particularly great after the meal, as juniper and cardamom are great at aiding digestion, the gin and tonic is a classic that everyone loves. The alcohol-free Gin Nona June, distilled from 9 botanicals is full of flavour and has the body and structure of an authentic, premium Gin. Serve with premium tonic and citrus garnishes and enjoy over ice. 

5. Gnista Barelled Oak fine, alcohol-free spirit

The Gnista Barelled Oak offers the unique and savoury texture that is perfect to enjoy at the end of the night for those who like a complex drink. It's smokey flavour makes us think of burning wood at the summer barbeque and the chocolate-y and salty notes add great finish to the drink. Great neat over ice or with ginger beer for those who like it more savoury. 

Here you go, with these alcohol free drinks on your Easter table we´re sure that none of your guests will leave disappointed. 

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