Wie kommt man alkoholfrei durch die Feiertage?

How to survive the festive season - alcohol-free

We all know that the hardest time to stick to your new diet or lifestyle choice is events. You may be making fantastic progress eating only keto for a month but here comes a birthday party and a slice of pizza makes its way into your mouth. Same with reducing alcohol.

At home, where you simply don't have any alcoholic drinks or have a steady supply of tea on the go, it´s much easier but out there in a bar, a Christmas market or at a party, it can be really hard and it's easy to feel “left out”.

With the Christmas and New Years season around the corner, this is a particular danger so here are some tips from us on how to deal with Christmas dinners, answering annoying questions and sticking to your goals.

Survival Rule No. 1 - Bring along your own drinks

Bring along your own drinks

The easiest and best solution is to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks if you´re invited to a party. Firstly, it avoids the awkward conversation with a host where you are being “difficult” by requesting that they provide alcohol free drinks for you and secondly, you don't have to sip boring lemonade the whole night. Bringing something along is a lovely gesture and by bringing a high quality alcohol-free gin not only do you have something to drink yourself, the other guests may try it too and be inspired.

If you prefer the classic flavours, it's hard to go wrong with non-alcoholic gin or bitter-sweet aperitif. These make a great base for non-alcoholic cocktails, are easy to mix and go pretty much with any food.

If you would like something that also puts you in a “festive mood” - try the Social Elixir or Livener from Three Spirits - their special formula with active botanicals leaves you energised and in a happy, floaty mood without any alcohol.

Survival Rule No.2 - Prep your answers

Prep your answers

It is surprising how many people struggle to believe and understand that you want to reduce your alcohol intake. Reactions can vary from complete disbelief to supportive interest, to relentless questions if you're pregnant.

Here is a couple of common questions and answers for you:

Q: So what, you don´t drink at all anymore?

A: No, I don´t. I found I simply don't enjoy the feeling of being drunk or the hangover the morning after and I have a great time without drinking.

Q: Why would you drink non-alcoholic drinks, surely just don't drink anything then?

A: Have you ever tried an alcohol-free gin? I love the taste, I just don't want to wake up with a hangover. Feel free to have a sip of mine and see what you think.

Q: Not drinking must be so boring

A: Not really, I make great alcohol free cocktails and I have the time and energy to do fun stuff on the weekend. Last Saturday I tried (insert fun activity here) for the first time! - what is boring about that?

Q: Come on, just have one drink!

A: I have a drink (you say lifting a glass of non-acl Spritz) - let's go dance!

Sometimes if people are really applying pressure, a non-alc spirit can work as a decoy so people think you´re drinking when you're not, which can be helpful.

Most importantly, don't feel bad about any negative reactions, someone's utter shock at not drinking tells you a lot more about their unhealthy relationship with alcohol than about you and your choices. Remember you´re the one sleeping better, feeling fresher and looking healthier.

Survival Rule No.3: Just have a good time

Just have a good time

Reducing or cutting alcohol out of your life doesn't make you any less fun or interesting. Try to relax and just be yourself. The one thing all people love is genuine attention and interest - speak to party guests and ask them about them. Find out about their lives and their interests and you´ll see how quickly the conversation drifts away from you and what you´re drinking and how charming they think you are.

Don´t let not drinking make you feel left out from dancing, singing and having a good time. Join in and have fun and we promise it really won´t matter - at the end of the day, your lifestyle choices are no one else's business. Try a mood lifting drink like the Livener to help you loosen up and give you energy if you´re nervous, but remember, if other people see you having a great time without a drink, you might find yourself sharing your favourite non-alc drinks by the end of the night ;)

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