Wie man einen schrecklichen Kater vermeidet

How to Avoid a Horrible Hangover

Hangovers are the wrost - plain and simple. The nausea, the headache, the way your skin hurts and head spins every time you move.... Whole days spent on the sofa hoping someone will order a pizza... So what can you do to avoid them? Take a look at our tried and tested tips to have a great night but wake feeling fresh!


Tip No1: Eat properly before you drink

Simple but important! Too often people have the aperitif “first drink” before starting the night and after getting a little tipsy skip food entirely and end up with a two day hangover. If you see the danger of that happening, make sure you have a big lunch, and have some frozen pizzas on hand to throw in the oven. 

Tip No2. Drink a glass of water after each alcoholic drink

Alcohol dehydrates, which is what gleaves you feeling groggy and dry the next day. A great way to make sure that you're keeping hydrated is to have a glass or at least a big sip of water in between each alcoholic drink. Try it! You´ll notice that the water goes quickly and you will wake up feeling much fresher. 

Tip No3. Stop drinking after midnight 

Nothing good happens after midnight. Normally, depending on when you went out, by midnight everyone is sufficiently drunk. Having another drink or shot will not give you more energy or make you dance harder. Set up a reasonable cut off limit and simply dance away the rest of the night with some water ;) 

Tip No4. Avoid alcohol heavy cocktails

All drinks are not made the same! Some cocktails can have over 24% AVB in one glass, so it's important to know what you're drinking. Best thing would be to find a drink you like and stick to it, mixing too many different drinks can really backfire as your body processes the alcohol from them differently. If in doubt, stick to single alcohol based drinks with a mixer and go for half shots - that way you can have a few more and pace yourself. 

Tip No5. Try No-Low

A great way to strike the balance between having a bit of a drink and keeping fresh is to reduce the alcohol quantity entirely by adding non-alcoholic drinks to your night. Try using non-alc aperitif in a Spritz or non-alc vermouth in a Negroni to reduce the overall AVB - or alternate a gin with alcohol-free gin through the night. You´ll notice that you can have the same taste and experience but escape that horrible spinning when you go to bed. 


There you go! Follow our top 5 tips to keep the terrible hangover at bay and wake up feeling happy! 

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