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Discover the alcohol-free Aperitif

Having some friends around for a dinner party but don't want to drink or some of your visitors are pregnant or abstaining for medical or religious reasons? In this case, you cannot go wrong with some nice snacks, such as olives and crackers and a classic, alcohol-free aperitif.

Aperitif is traditionally a dry drink served before dinner to stimulate the appetite and relax before the main meal. A drink as much for the taste buds as for the eyes, traditional aperitifs are more often than not red or orange in colour and look bright and inviting, giving the dinner table that real Italian flare.

Aperitif´s have been around since the 18th century and became particularly popular since the 19th century where service of this dry, pre-dinner drink became popular in Italy. (home of the vermouth) Nowadays, the aperitif is the “it” drink and is served widely at events. However, it is often very high AVB and very high in calories and sugar. Neat Aperol (one of the most common aperitifs) is a whooping 120 calories / 100ml alone! That´s without the mixer…..</span >

Don´t worry, there are some great alcohol-free options out there that are low in calories, made with natural ingredients and taste absolutely amazing. Take a look at our recommendation for the best, alcohol-free alternatives that perfectly capture the dry and crisp flavour of a classic aperitif.

Wilfred´s Orange And Rosemary - this delicious alcohol-free aperitif is dry, and bitter-sweet with strong herbal notes. It hails from the UK and is made with traditional British flavours, rhubarb, rosemary and bitter orange (the Brits love their marmalade) sourced locally. The fragrant rosemary gives the aperitif a great herbal aroma and taste while the bitter orange and rhubarb take care of the tart flavour. With 80% less calories than an Aperol, this is a great, healthier alternative.

Vincent Alkoholfrei - this gorgeous alcohol-free aperitif is especially dry and fruity. The main ingredient is juicy Raspberries which is what gives it a strong, berry base which is then infused with lemon juice and herbal bitters to give that satisfying, dry finish. Tall and ruby red, Vincent looks stunning in a glass (which we all know is half of the experience!) Made with entirely natural ingredients, low in sugar and intense - Vincent is one of our favourites to sip over ice before dinner.

Volée alcohol-free mediterranean aperitif - the latest addition to our range, this peachy aperitif is super easy to drink. Inspired by an age-old recipe from south of France, the Volée aperitif has a light, bitter-sweet flavour with strong notes of grapefruit and mountain beaches. Infused with elderflower it has a floral, sweet aroma and reminds us of a summer eve in the mediterranean. It pairs perfectly with seafood and italian tapas perfectly, and is made entirely from organic ingredients.

photo credit: @4foodssake

Lyre´s Aperitif Rosso - this subtly sweet alcohol-free aperitif from Lyre´s offers a great alternative to a traditional, italian vermouth. Made with blood orange, caramel, citrus, cacao and high notes of vanilla, it is a complex and satisfying aperitif that closely mimics a traditional vermouth rosso. Sweeter than the other three, Aperitif Rosso lends itself well to mixing into cocktails or for anyone who prefers their aperitif a little sweeter.

Here is what you need to make the best aperitif:


There are many great combinations that you can create when serving an aperitif. The main thing is to have plenty of ice on hand (make it a few days in advance and store it in a bag or bowl in the freezer.

Pro Tip: Use boiling water for your ice cubes to make clear ice


Almost every aperitif will go well with blood orange, lemon, grapefruit or orange. Basically, grab a bag of your favourite citrus fruit and cut it into rings, wedges or half slices. If you like you can also add herbs such as fresh rosemary, mint or basil.


You can use almost any mixer to play around with the flavour, try adding high quality tonic, alcohol-free prosecco or lemonade to any of the above to create a refreshing spritz or serve them neat over ice or with a dash of soda water.

It may be helpful to have a bottle of each mixer on hand, that way your guests can pick how they like it best or have fun trying out different variations.

Pro Tip : Here is where you can easily offer a “nolow” option, by offering alcoholic prosecco and non-alcoholic aperitif your guest can have alcohol-free or low AVB options depending on preference and no one will get too tipsy before you have dinner!


If you´re looking for something more complex, make a Negroni, you just need one part non-alcoholic such as</span > Nona June or Laori Juniper 1 , one part vermouth rosso and one part of either Vincent or Wilfred´s aperitif. Garnish with an orange peel and voilà!

Try the alcohol-free aperitifs for yourself and send us any of your dinner party creations!

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