köstliche alkoholfreie Cocktails für einen romantischen Valentinstag.

Three delicious alcohol-free cocktails for a magical Valentines

Valentine's is coming and what would be a better gift than cooking a meal and making some romantic drinks for your other half? And of course getting drunk is not very classy so we´re here to offer you some delicious alcohol-free or low-alcohol options that will blow your partner away. Wherever you´re a complete drink beginner or an experienced bartender, we have picked out some recipes that will make you look like a mixology wizard.

Valentines cocktail number 1: The Volée Spritz -the quick flirt

Take you and your partner to the south of France with the refreshing alcohol free aperitif from Volée mixed with Crémant or Tonic water! Here you can play around with no or low option for the sparkling addition, as you wish. It's bitter-sweet flavour is perfect as a digestivo at the end of the night or as a compliment to olives & cheese or seafood (the ultimate aphrodisiac food). Speaking of aphrodisiacs, Volee´s secret ingredient is the Damiana plant. Damiana comes from Central America and has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac! So this is the drink to really get you in the mood. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit or blood orange to make it look instantly sophisticated with zero effort.

Here's what you need:

Pour the aperitif and tonic water into a tall glass filled with ice, squeeze a little grapefruit juice into the mix and rub the rim of the glass with the grapefruit slice to add a bitter-sweet note. Garnish with a slice of fresh grapefruit.

Valentines cocktail number 2: The Affogato - the decadent one

A true show-stopper, the affogato ticks all the boxes for a romantic drink. It is playfully sweet, energising and simply beautiful to look at. Made by combining the fragrant yet subtly sweet amaretto liqueur, seductive coffee and delicious ice cream, the Affogato is a dessert and a drink all in one.

Perfect to serve after dinner which is perfect after dinner and to boost your happy hormone dopamine, and is also made with coffee, a great, grown up flavour to compliment an end of a meal but also to boost energy and keep you awake. There is no need to explain why ice cream is just great…

Here's what you need:

Place the ice scream in a beautiful cocktail coupette and pour liquid over the top. Grind some dark chocolate over the top (another natural aphrodisiac) if you wish and serve with a small spoon.

Valentines cocktail number 3: The Herbal Stimulant - the treat for all the senses

Love a herby digestivo at the end of the night? Then this is the alcohol-free cocktail for you. The main ingredient is the Social Elixir from Three Spirit, a herby alcohol-free elixir packed with invigorating ingredients, such as lion's mane mushroom which makes you more alert and reduces stress, the natural aphrodisiac Damiana for flirty vibes and cacao that lifts spirits and reduces inhibitions.

Social Elixir with it´s mind boosting botanicals, is already a powerhouse drink on its own, but mixing it with strong espresso gives it a delicious fragrant kick and adding maple syrup brings a touch of natural sweetness to the drink. A treat for all the senses with zero alcohol.

Here's what you need:

Add all ingredients to an ice-filled cocktail shaker or a jar. Shake HARD until ice-cold and strain through a tea strainer into a chilled cocktail Glass.

Take it to the next level and serve it in a gorgeous martini glass with grated nutmeg or cacao beans on top

There you go, three easy yet impressive alcohol-free cocktails that are bound to surprise and impress your other half!

Try to make some? Let us know and share a pic, we love to see how they turned out at home.

Love, The Taste Bar Cupids

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