Three Spirit alcohol-free drinks, Livener, Social Elixir and Nightcap

BIOHACKING: drinks with active botanicals.

Unlike the usual alcohol-free drinks you may already know, Three Spirit have taken a completely different approach to drinking. Rather than choosing between alcohol or alcohol-free, they opened the door to a new, third way of drinking - using natural botanicals, with functional properties to have an effect on your mind and body. The plant scientists at Three Spirits created three unique drinks designed to start your night with an energy boost, make you tipsy and even relax you before bed, all by using carefully chosen, active ingredients.

This is why their range is loved by biohackers - people who are experimenting with their bodies to boost their cognitive and physical abilities. Biohacking is a very broad term and can cover everything from tracking your sleep to much larger experiments with your body, but the goal is the same - improving the physiological state through experimentation.

The alcohol-free drinks made by Three Spirits compliments this completely. Wherever you are interested in improving your sleep or lifting more at the gym, each drink contains a number of natural, active ingredients that have an effect on your body without a trace of alcohol.

Take a closer look at their three, unique flavours and their fascinating ingredients:

Livener - the party starter

This alcohol-free aperitif-style drink is filled with botanicals designed to energise you and boost your mood, perfect at the start of the night to get you in the right mood.

Key active botanicals:
  • Guayusa - filled with natural caffeine, it gives an energy boost without the crash
  • Schisandra - adaptogenic berry that moderates stress and invigorates the body
  • Guava Leaf - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, a superfood designed to support your body if overindulging
  • Siberian Ginseng - known to increase physical endurance, raise libido, strengthen the immune system and even help the body regulate blood sugar levels
  • Panax Ginseng - a performance booster with Ginsenosides which improve cognitive function and regulate cell damage

Other superfood ingredients include: Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea, Cayenne Chili, Pomegranate Molasses, Watermelon , Rose Water, Hibiscus and Ginger.

The Livener has a delicious, moderately sweet and fiery taste that revitalises and energises. Easy to drink as a shot, mix into cocktails or simply serve with tonic water.

Social Elixir - the mood maker

Designed to sip through the duration of the evening, the Social Elixir is packed with ingredients that give you energy while reducing your inhibitions and giving you a “tipsy” feeling, without the alcohol.

Key active botanicals:

  • Cacao - with active compounds like Theobromine, Theophylline, Chlorogenic Acid, cacao elevates the mood and is rich in antioxidants.
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom - a super fungi that boosts cognitive function and improves mood while providing balance and making you feel a little dreamy.
  • Damiana - a mexican flower known for its aphrodisiac properties, powered by the active compound Apigenin it has a “flirty” effect.
  • Tulsi - also known as Holy Basil, this adaptogenic herb relaxes and gives you a “spine-chilling” feeling
  • Green Tea - super rich in the calming amino-acid L-Theanine, it both energises and relaxes the brain and improves focus

Other superfood ingredients include:

Coconut Vinegar, Caraway Seed, Molasses, Agave Nectar, Passion Flower and contains Vitamins B3, B6, B7 and B12.

The Social Elixir has a rich, herby and cocoa infused flavour, best paired with ginger beer. The perfect drink to sip through the night for ongoing energy and chilled out feeling.

Nightcap - the dream maker

The last alcohol-free elixir in Three Spirit collection is designed for the end of the night, when you want that last drink to relax and unwind with. Unlike alcohol, which makes you fall asleep quickly but actually reduces your sleep quality, the Nighcap´s active ingredients help your mind relax and ensure deep sleep through the night.

Key active botanicals:

  • Valerian Root - de-stresses and calms the mind, filled with iridoids which have been shown to have anti inflammatory and neuroprotective properties
  • Melon Hüll Hops - promote calm and relaxation and are rich in terpene which is an antioxidant and has digestive properties
  • Lemon Balm - reduces anxiety and relaxes, lemon balm is powered by multiple compounds that promote relaxation
  • Turmeric - anti-inflammatory and revitalising and used for centuries to reduce pain
  • Ashwagandha - a powerful adaptogenic it soothes the mind and relaxes due to the high content of alkaloids, saponins and lactones.

Other superfood ingredients include:

Black Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, Liqourice Root, Maple Syrup, White Willow and Ginger.

The Nightcap has a complex, woody and herby flavour with notes of liquorice that resembles a fine whisky in it´s texture. Perfect on the rocks at the end of the night or mixed with a little tonic.

So if you´re curious about biohacking or want to explore the world beyond alcohol-free, give these three, functional drinks a try and experience their effects for yourself!

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